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Hike & Paddle: 6 Day Endurance Challenge

Herefordshire Trail

Try our six-day endurance adventure to experience the south-west section of the Herefordshire Trail on foot and by canoe.

Up the ante with this exhilarating itinerary: an epic three-day trek followed by a three-day canoe adventure along the River Wye. Take in the wild landscapes of the Wye Valley and Golden Valley, before completing the circuit on the water. Stay in country pubs on the first leg, then camp out by the river on your return. Tough but incredible!

Download the itinerary

Hike: 45.7 miles over 3 days

Trek from Ross-on-Wye to Whitney Bridge, with overnights at Kilpeck and Ewyas Harold en route.

Highlights on this walk through the lush Wye Valley and Golden Valley, include:

Herefordshire Trail waymarker
Merbach Hill
Kilpeck castle ruins
Walking over bridge
Sellack Suspension Bridge
Walking on Garway Hill
Garway Hill

Paddle: 52 miles over 3 days

Make the return leg from Whitney Bridge to Ross-on-Wye by canoe, paddling through tranquil green landscapes and negotiating rapids.

Highlights on this route include:

  • Tackling the rapids at Monnington Falls and Carey Island
  • Observing the resident birdlife at close quarters
  • Staying the night at riverside campsites
  • Viewing the iconic Hereford Cathedral from a different perspective
  • Meandering past the red sandstone cliffs of Brobury Scar

Please note, Whitney Bridge is a private canoe launch point. Canoe hire and access to this launch point  is organised through Hereford Kayak & Canoe Hire.

Canoeing River Wye
Hereford canoe hire
View of Hereford Cathedral

Places to eat & stay

The itinerary recommends perfect places to eat and stay:

  • For the hike section, eat and sleep at fantastic country pubs
  • For the paddle section, dine at nearby pubs and sleep over at riverside campsites 

Our free download provides details of places to eat and stay so that you can make your own bookings. Alternatively, Rural Concierge can organise a trip on your behalf. 

Tresseck Campsite
Kilpeck Inn
Roast dinner at the Kilpeck Inn