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Twin Valley Ley Line Trail

An historical 44 mile/71km hike through Herefordshire's wild landscapes

  • A new panoramic long-distance walking trail
  • Celebrates the centenary of Alfred Watkins' discovery of ley lines
  • Uncovers the contrasting natures of the golden Dore Valley & darker Monnow Valley
  • Explores ancient landmarks, including lost castles, sacred stones and remote churches
  • Climbs spectacular summits in Herefordshire's highlands, including the Black Mountains


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An antiquarian, inventor and pioneer photographer, Alfred Watkins was a born and bred Herefordian who knew the county's roads and byways like the back of his hand. On June 30 1921 Watkins had an extraordinary revelation. As he stood on a Herefordshire hillside, it came to him that straight lines of sight criss-crossed the landscape, connecting ancient and spiritual sites. He christened them ley lines and regarded them as we might imagine a Neolithic Sat Nav – straight tracks enabling our ancestors to situate themselves in the landscape and navigate through it.

The Twin Valley Ley Line Trail touches ancient ley line landmarks and reveals the opposing natures of two rivers, perhaps the oldest paths of all. Walk along lush valleys, climb peaks in the Black Mountains and discover the birthplace of the two rivers -  the Dore and the Monnow. 



The Twin Valley Ley Line Trail

The Twin Valley Ley Line Trail delves deep into Herefordshire's history and untouched landscapes. Commemorating the centenary of the discovery of ley lines in the county, it journeys from remote moorland and summits in the Black Mountains to ancient woodland and undulating fields

A total of 44 mile/71 km long, it can be completed over three to five days, depending on your pace, or walked as a series of day hikes.

Stage 1 and 2 are dotted with interesting historical sites, so allow time to linger. Stage 3 is a more remote stretch through dramatic landscape - it is more challenging in terms of distance and terrain. 

There are a variety of accommodation options - including country pubs, B&Bs and atmospheric churches - which enable you to plan a trip to suit your requirements, shortening or extending each stage as preferred.

Highlights include:

  • Climbing to peaks in the Black Mountains
  • Visiting the highest of all monastic sites in England
  • Peeking into tiny churches, packed with character and history
  • Trekking to the heights where the Rivers Dore & Monnow are born
  • Revelling in the stunning views of the Wye Valley from Merbach Hill's summit
  • Stopping for picnics by pretty streams and waterfalls
  • Wandering through lush, green landscapes & ancient woodland
  • Spying the Exmoor ponies on Ewyas Harold Common
  • Pausing for a pint with the locals at friendly country pubs


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Twin Valley Ley Lines Trail


First and foremost he was a Herefordshire Man, as native to the county as the hop and the apple.

Alfred Watkins' Obituary, The Hereford Times, 1935